20 de junio de 2012

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Sintonía: MARTINO VERGNAGHI. Walk Young Pilgrim
–          PAUL WINTER CONSORT. Down inBelgorod(Earthbeat, 1987)
–          PAUL WINTER CONSORT. Peasant Revels (Wintersong, 1986)
–          YANNI. Truth of Touch (Live at El Morro, 2012)
–          YANNI. Nightingale (Live at El Morro, 2012)
–          MARTINO VERGNAGHI. Ora el Labora (A Garden of Dreams, 2012)
–          BRAINWAVE SUITE. Relaxation (fragmento) (Alpha, Relaxation & Meditation, 2012)
–          PAUL WINTER CONSORT. My Father’s Smile (Earth Music, 2011)
–          MASAKO.Glastenbury,Vermont(VV.AA. The Gathering, 2012)
–          ROCKY FRETZ. Kim’s Song (VV.AA. The Gathering, 2012)
–          FRANK SMITH. Porch with a View (VV.AA. The Gathering, 2012)
–          DENISE YOUNG. Livia’s Song (VV.AA. The Gathering, 2012)
–          MARC ENFROY. Woodland Waltz (Dreams of theForest, 2012)
–          MARC ENFROY. Fireflies (Dreams of theForest, 2012)
–          THEME TRAGEDY. 02.08.10 (Diary of Piano Songs, 2012)
–          THEME TRAGEDY. Lizzi’s Heart (Environments Dreamers, 2011)
–          PINK FLOYD. The Great Gig in the Sky (The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)
–          JOEY CURTIN. Us and Them (Going toCalifornia, 2011)
–          JOEY CURTIN. Yellow (Going toCalifornia, 2011)
–         CHADLAWSON. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Unforeseen, 2004)
–          TONY R. CLEF. Clube da Esquina #2 (Tuesday Afternoon, 2011)
–          LUDOVICO EINAUDI. Divenire (The Royal Albert Hall Concert, 2010)
–          MIKE HOWE. Island of Anywhere (Islandof Anywhere, 2011)
–          MIKE HOWE. Beyond the Mountains (Islandof Anywhere, 2011)
– PAUL WINTER CONSORT. Sunset on the Great Sand Dunes (Crestone, 2007)


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