14 de marzo de 2012

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Sintonía: MARTINO VERGNAGHI. Walk Young Pilgrim

– WIM MERTENS. The Great Outdoors (Series of Ands, 2011)
– PAUL WINTER CONSORT. Appalachian Morning (En Directo en España, 1993)
– PAUL WINTER CONSORT. Oak Theme / Todo Mundo (En Directo en España, 1993)
– RICHARD STOLTZMAN. The Snowman (Dreams, 1994)
– RICHARD STOLTZMAN. Blackbird-Bye Bye Blackbird (Dreams, 1994)
– TONY R. CLEF. When I’m 64 (Tuesday Afternoon, 2011)
– TONY R. CLEF. Clube da Esquina #2 (Tuesday Afternoon, 2011)
– LOREENA MCKENNITT. La Serenissima (The Book of Secrets, 1997)
– DAVID MAUK. Queensburo Bridge (Ground Swell, 2010)
– DAVID MAUK. Ground Swell (Ground Swell, 2010)
– TIM STORY. In the Winter’s Pale (Collected, 2010)
– TIM STORY. Lydia (The Perfect Flaw, 1994)
– NILS FRAHM. Said and Done (The Bells, 2009)
– NILS FRAHM. Snippet (Felt, 2011)
– A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN. Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears (A Winged Victory for the Sullen, 2011)
– OLAFUR ARNALDS. Poland (B.S.O. Another Happy Day, 2012)
– OLAFUR ARNALDS. Near Light (Living Room Songs, 2011)
– PAT METHENY. The Sound of Silence (What’s It All About, 2011)
– MERIDIAN PROJECT. 1913 (Alquimia, 2011)
– MERIDIAN PROJECT. Iel.La Part I (Alquimia, 2011)
– MERIDIAN PROJECT. Iel.La Part II (Alquimia, 2011)
– MERIDIAN PROJECT. Angoscia Part I (Alquimia, 2011)
– DAVID CLAVIJO. Dancing on the Moon (The Landing, special edition, 2010)
– DAVID CLAVIJO. Nowhere (The Landing, special edition, 2010)


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